1. About the AFLS

AFLS was founded in 1981 in the UK to encourage and promote language teaching activities and research in French Language and Linguistics. The AFLS acts as a forum for scholarly discussion and for the exchange of information among those interested and engaged in researching and teaching French in Higher Education.

2. Objectives

As a non-profit scholarly association, the objectives of the AFLS shall be to:

a. support, promote and encourage research in French language and linguistics by facilitating interactions between members, teachers and researchers in French language and linguistics all over the world.

b. support, promote and advocate for teaching and learning French.

c. support and facilitate the practical pedagogical applications of research findings.

d. grow and collaborate with other scholarly associations, and partners with similar goals and pursuits.

In order to achieve these objectives, the AFLS will:

a. hold a General Assembly at its annual conference

b. hold at least three virtual meetings per year (Executive Committee)

c. additional virtual meetings may be called to handle pressing issues as they arise (Executive Committee)

d. co-organize an annual conference with a host institution

e. organize and/or support teaching/research workshops

f. organize an annual virtual roundtable

g. maintain an online directory of members to facilitate interaction.

h. maintain an active presence on social networks and media.

 3. Membership

The AFLS welcomes members from all over the world. Any individual – students, teachers, researchers – interested in French language or linguistics is invited to join the AFLS.

 Prospective members may choose one of the following categories of membership:

  • a. student membership 
  • b. associate membership 

The membership fees are used to:

  • Offer a discounted registration fee at the annual conference (same amount as the membership fee)
  • Offer access to the ​​AFLS distribution list
  • Award three prizes to doctoral students for their presentations at the annual conference
  • Support teaching/research workshops
  • Fund professional activities such as organizing and attending workshops, conferences, student prizes

4. Organization/management

Ultimate responsibility for the AFLS is vested in its Executive Committee composed of Officers elected at the annual General Assembly.

4.1. Elections

Executive Committee Officers shall normally be elected for a period of three years with the right to stand for re-election for —-[see above].

The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the membership of the persons as assembled in the Annual General Meeting. Vacancies on the Executive Committee, together with the names of committee members who are retiring or standing for re-election, shall be advertised in advance of the Annual General Assembly. Nominations can be made to a member of the Committee in advance, or in person at the meeting.

4.2. The Executive Committee is composed of:

  • President
  • Vice-President for UK Affairs
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Teaching/research workshop Coordinators
  • Communications Officer
  • Research Notes Editor
  • JFLS Editor
  • Chair of Research Committee
  • Graduate student representative

4.3. Funding professional activities of the CE Officers

CE Officers may apply for funding from the Association to cover costs associated with professional activities that benefit the Association by filling out the Funding Request Form available through the association’s website. 

4.3. Amendments to the Constitution

Any member of the CE may propose an amendment to the Constitution. If it is approved following a discussion by the CE members, it will go up for a vote during the annual general assembly or an extraordinary general assembly if it is about an urgent matter.

4.4. Address

The Association’s address will be that of the Treasurer.